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Using the natural characteristics of helicopter aerodynamics, The NOTAR® anti-torque system provides safe, quiet, responsive, FOD-resistant directional control.
The enclosed variable-pitch composite blade fan produces a low pressure, high volume of ambient air to pressurize the composite tailboom.
The air is expelled through two slots which run the length of the tailboom on the starboard (right) side, causing a boundary-layer control called the "Coanda Effect". The result is that the tailboom becomes a "wing", flying in the downwash of the rotor system, producing up to 60 percent of the anti-torque required in a hover. The balance of the directional control is accomplished by a rotating direct jet thruster.
In forward flight, the vertical stabilizers provide the majority of the anti-torque, however directional control remains a function of the direct jet thruster.
The NOTAR® anti-torque system eliminates all of the mechanical disadvantages of a tail rotor, including long drive shafts, hanger bearings, intermediate gearboxes and ninety-degree gearboxes.

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1. Air intake.
2. Variable pitch fan.
3. Tail-boom with Coandă Slots.
4. Vertical stabilizers.
5. Direct jet thruster.
6. Downwash.
7. Circulation control tailboom cross-section.
8. Anti-torque lift.

The NOTAR® Concept

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The NOTAR system is simple in theory and works to provide some directional control using the Coandă effect. A variable pitch fan is enclosed in the aft fuselage section immediately forward of the tail boom and driven by the main rotor transmission. This fan forces low pressure air through two slots on the right side of the tailboom, causing the downwash from the main rotor to hug the tailboom, producing lift, and thus a measure of directional control. This is augmented by a direct jet thruster and vertical stabilisers.


The NOTAR® benefits

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Benefits of the NOTAR system include increased safety (the tail rotor being vulnerable), and greatly reduced external noise. NOTAR-equipped helicopters are among the quietest certified helicopters.



There are three production helicopters that utilize the NOTAR system, all produced by MD Helicopters:

MD 520N
MD 600N
MD Explorer
MD 520N - Catalog.
MD 600N - Catalog.
MD Explorer - Catalog.

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